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Media Wall Construction


We Enjoy Custom Builds

Media wall construction is a custom build we especially enjoy. Nothing brings a family together like a space that’s dedicated to your audio, video, and gaming equipment.

Of course, an important build like this takes special consideration. Book a consultation to discuss all your media wall needs—let’s create something unique for your system, rather than a cookie-cutter format you can find in any home.

Beautifully Showcase Your Audio, Video, and Theater Equipment

By arranging your home theater and stereo equipment in an attractive space, you are much more likely to make good use of it. After booking a consultation with us, we can devise ways to show off attractive components and stow away functional pieces. In addition, we have lots of ideas to make your media wall an attractive focal point that houses trophies, artwork, photos, and books alongside your entertainment equipment.

Attractive and Functional Ideas for media Wall Construction

Dimmable lighting

To create ambiance


For sculptures, trophies, and books


To showcase artwork

Open or floating shelving

For knick-knacks or special collections

Frosted glass doors

To obscure unsightly equipment

Carefully Selected Materials to Match Your Décor

Instead of an entertainment console that looks like an afterthought, our media wall construction takes into account your surrounding design. With attention to your home’s dècor, we create a design that seamlessly blends with your space. That includes an in-depth discussion about the material choices, which include:

  • RPaint: Main and accent colors
  • RDrywall texture: Rough or smooth
  • RStone: Natural or man-made; slate, stacked, pebble, or flat
  • RWood: Grain, composite, stained, painted, glazed, or natural
  • RTile: Ceramic, porcelain, travertine, or other
  • RGlass: Clear, tinted, smoked, or frosted
  • RMetal: Sheets, tiles, or corrugated
  • RMosaic: Glass or stone; sheets or individual slates

Sensible and Functional Media Wall Construction

Of course, design is only one element of media wall construction. There are also many practical considerations involved. As a seasoned home remodeling firm, we create media walls that meet your current electronic requirements and anticipate your future needs. 

Proper ventilation

To function properly, entertainment equipment needs to stay cool. We create custom media walls that allow the air to fully circulate, preventing damage due to overheating.

Coherent cord management systems

Sophisticated media systems involve lots of unsightly cords. Our media wall construction plans provide ways to both hide cords from view and keep them from becoming a tangled mess.

Additional electrical outlets

Any entertainment center requires lots of electrical outlets, including dedicated circuits. To this end, we include lots of outlets with all our media wall construction plans. As a result, you can easily add equipment to your media wall whenever you need.

Media Wall Construction with Built-In Flexibility

Because technology is constantly changing, our media wall construction plans allow for additions to your entertainment system. We work to anticipate your changing needs, taking into account any future equipment you may want, including cable boxes, speakers, surround sound receivers, internet routers, video game consoles, BluRay players, stereo systems, and more.

Fireplace Options for your Media Wall Construction

Without question, one of the nicest features of a media wall is a fireplace. Regardless of whether you want a gas, wood, or electronic model, we have you covered. Not only will create a space for this attractive feature, but we’ll also accommodate the very specific electronic requirements your fireplace may need, as well as touch screen and remote controls.

Large-Screen TV Displays That Are Right for You

Undoubtedly, a large-screen TV demands an attractive media wall display. During our consultation to build your entertainment center, we pay special attention to this component. Here are some of the factors we take into account when creating space for a large-screen TV:


We take care to design room for additional growth with your large-screen TV. That way, your equipment doesn’t encroach on surrounding shelves and niches.


A wall mount is a good choice if you have small children, have limited space, or want multiple viewing angles. We make sure to use a mount that accommodates the weight of your particular TV model.

Cord Storage

Our media wall construction plans include accommodations for cord storage, so you can display your large-screen TV to best advantage.


It’s critical to know how much backing is required to accommodate your television’s weight. We factor this information into your media wall construction so your TV doesn’t crash to the ground due to insufficient reinforcement.

Electrical Outlet Availability

If you rest your large-screen TV on a shelf, we create a design that includes proper electrical outlet availability within its niche.

let’s create something unique for your system

Media Wall Construction That’s Connective and Remote-Control Accessible

In addition to the necessary space created during media wall construction, it’s important to factor in how equipment interacts. As a result, we design media walls with niches that can easily connect one machine to another. Consequently, your system works seamlessly without unsightly cords cluttering your view.

As well as connected spaces, we give careful consideration to which materials to house remote-control and audio devices. For equipment that is operated by remote control, we implement glass doors with smoked or frosted finishes, making unsightly equipment hidden yet functional. Correspondingly, we use mesh insets for speakers and sound systems to ensure excellent audio quality. 

Last but not least, we use traditional cabinetry for storage compartments that hold movies and music. It’s this level of design attention that makes us experts in media wall construction.

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Custom Media Wall Construction That Exceeds Expectations

If you’re ready to increase your enjoyment of home, as well as increasing its value, give us a call. Our expert media wall construction will delight and surprise you. It’s one of those investments you’ll always appreciate, prompting you to ask “why didn’t we do this sooner?!”